With a foundation in Bollywood dance and stage performance, Saaj is now exploring opportunities in Film and Television.

It all started when…

A pair of colored handkerchiefs were tied to the fingers of a four year old boy before he went on stage to perform solo in front of hundreds at a Diwali show in Crawley. Saaj was born 25th July 1991 in Crawley.

Saaj grew up in the UK on Bollywood movies and Michael Jackson at home. He became inspired seeing his father entertain local crowds on stage. Crawley community shows would provide a platform for Saaj to perform before entering into India's famous "Boogie Woogie" dance competition which came to the UK. At thirteen Saaj was a UK finalist.

From here on, Saaj became affiliated with the growing UK Bollywood Dance scene. It was during this period he honed his dance skills, training in latin, jazz, street and traditional indian styles. He performed with Bollywood Dance groups including; Honey Kalaria, Eastern Illusions, ThreeBee and The Bollywood Co. At fourteen Saaj won best male dancer at Honey Kalaria's Bollywood Dance Competition.

At the age of fifteen, Saaj became the youngest member of Bollywood Dance Group, ThreeBee and performed for the opening ceremony of the Golden Orange International Film Festival in Turkey. Subsequent shows all over the UK, Johannesburg, Ivory Coast, Amsterdam, USA, and more would ensue.

It was with ThreeBee that Saaj reached the Live Semi-Finals of Britain's Got Talent 2010 - the first Bollywood Dance act to do so on UK television.  After graduating with a BA (Hons) in International Relations from Queen Mary University of London, Saaj worked for some time as a journalist. He became Editor and face of online Fintech publication, PaymentEye. It's YouTube Channel has amassed over 175,000 views through interviews conducted with industry experts. 

Through teaching and nurturing young talent in Crawley, Saaj has helped many kids from five to twelve years old perform on stage. He has taught children's classes and workshops for a number of years and continues to do so today.

Saaj has also made various television appearances on shows such as Hotel Babylon, Holby City, National Lottery Live with the BBC and Channel 4 as well as an advertisement for LycaMobile.

2014 - 18
Next stop Hong Kong, where Saaj has created the popular "Bollywood on Hollywood" dance class series. As well as teaching corporate workshops for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Blackrock, Saaj has also worked with brands such as W Hotel and Blacksheep Restaurants.  He is a regular fixture at the Fiasco brunch in which he portrays various characters in the show - including Michael Jackson. His video covers to popular Bollywood songs have amassed over 350,000 views online.

Saaj performed with Bollywood star Varun Dhawan for the unveiling of his wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong. Saaj and his team helped to create a VR dance installation in which he is now a permanent fixture on screen at the Peak Galleria amongst the statues! 

Saaj has choreographed numerous wedding dances - including first dances and Sangeet performances.

During his time in Hong Kong, Saaj has been covered by a number of publications including, South China Morning Post, HK YantoyanTimeOut and Sassy Hong Kong.

With a foundation in Bollywood dance and stage performance, Saaj is now looking to explore opportunities in Film and Television. He is currently represented by BAME Model & Talent Management.